Golf to Eradicate Cancer

Do you know someone who currently has cancer or whose struggle with cancer has impacted their life? Join us and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation in providing HOPE for this and future generations by helping to defeat this heinous disease. The Annual Golf To Eradicate Cancer Event at Alpine Country Club will provide a wonderful setting to join as a community in support of The Primary Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute.



Changing the DNA of Cancer Care

High-powered DNA sequencing equipment at Huntsman Cancer Institute can assist a researcher to search an entire patient’s genome for cancer causing genetic mutations. In a family that is high risk for certain cancers, this individualized care makes it possible to customize screening and treatment protocols leading to more precise treatment. When treatment becomes customized and pro-active there is improved patient outcomes, more targeted treatments and less harmful side effects. Five years ago this type of treatment using DNA sequencing was thought to be impossible as most pathology work was performed using a microscope.

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“We imagine a time when cancer is no longer the leading cause of death for people under age 85. We envision a time when cancer is eradicated altogether”
– Vision of Huntsman Cancer Institute

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100% of sponsorship and donations go directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Huntsman Cancer Institute

We want to thank all of our sponsors and private donors for their generous support! We honor your contribution by committing 100% directly to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. All efforts to put this tournament together and individuals who helped in raising funds in support of eradicating cancer are volunteers. To learn more about the Utah County Ambassadors of Huntsman Cancer Foundation volunteers behind this event please visit the About Us page here.

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“There is no more important human quality than sharing with others. There is no source of true happiness more complete than an act of charity.”
– Jon M. Huntsman

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“Your partnership will mean so much to the patients we treat, as well as their families and friends. It is through generous contributions from friends like you that we are able to provide hope through our continued search for better treatments and discover answers to the question about why this terrible disease affects so many. Please consider donating to help fund cancer research through this event!” – Huntsman Cancer Foundation

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