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"Cancer moves at a rapid rate, we need to move faster" - Huntsman Cancer Research Team.

How Do You Know If Cancer Runs In The Family?

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How do you know if Cancer runs in your family? Have you ever heard of a licensed and certified genetic counselor? What about the Family Cancer Assessment Clinic? Well, if you can’t answer either of these questions you should consider the following:

Because of modern day technology (as new as in the past 5 years) you can now find out through genetic sequencing and genetic counseling whether you are at risk for certain cancers. Finding out early is a key to success when fighting cancer.

Huntsman Cancer Institute has a Family Cancer Assessment Clinic where you are able to set an appointment with one of 5 board-certified / licensed genetic counselors who will help you better understand your family genetic history and evaluate the need for additional screening or help.

For more information on this service please visit the Family Cancer Assessment Clinic website here

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